Fully Managed Charging Network

We believe in collaboration and partnership to create solutions that benefit all stakeholders involved. Whether you’re a property owner, tenant, fleet manager, building manager, local government, or a parking company, we are committed to helping you implement the ideal EV charging solution tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

fully managed charging networks in NSW

Networked Charging Stations

Networked charging systems offer advanced features but come with higher costs. These systems connect to an online network, allowing remote monitoring and control through digital software. Commercial users can regulate access, duration, and pricing, often charging per kWh to cover installation and maintenance expenses.

Custom Maintenance Plans

An EV charging management system is a software platform that enables operators to oversee all aspects of EV charging infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, seamless user experience, and efficient monetisation of charging services.

The Benefits of Managed Charging

Managed charging offers a range of advantages for both EV drivers and charging station operators.

Optimised Charging Experience

Managed charging systems prioritise charging based on factors such as grid demand, energy prices, and renewable energy availability. This ensures that EVs are charged at optimal times, minimising costs, and reducing strain on the grid.

Cost Savings

By scheduling charging during off-peak hours or when energy prices are low, EV drivers can take advantage of discounted electricity rates, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

Grid Stability

Managed charging helps to balance electricity demand, especially during peak periods. By distributing charging load more evenly throughout the day, it reduces the risk of grid overload and blackouts, enhancing overall grid stability.

Environmental Benefit

By integrating renewable energy sources into managed charging systems, EVs can be charged using clean, renewable energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting sustainability.

USer Convenience

Managed charging platforms often come with user-friendly interfaces and mobile apps that allow EV drivers to schedule and monitor charging sessions remotely. This enhances user convenience and control over the charging process.

Revenue Generation

For charging station operators, managed charging systems offer opportunities for revenue generation through demand response programs, peak shaving, and grid services. By participating in these programs, operators can earn additional income while supporting grid reliability.

EV Charging for Apartments Australia

Common area car parking presents challenges for electric vehicle owners, often requiring approval from body corporates. Running individual meters from the carpark can be expensive and complicated, and changes to strata by-laws may be necessary for installing charging stations. Unit owners may also be hesitant to subsidise electricity for EV owners, and proper metering and billing systems are often required.

Future-proof your apartments with Managed EV Charging

Meet the growing demand for EV charging in your apartment complex by offering smart solutions tailored to both apartment owners/managers and body corporates/developers. With common area car parking presenting challenges for electric vehicle owners, our managed EV charging system simplifies the process.

For Apartment Owners & Managers:

We provide fast EV charging at home, attracting, and retaining green-minded residents while increasing rent and property value.

Our networked chargers ensure compliance with regulations and future-proof your building, offering billing, monitoring, and security access.

managed ev charging network for apartment managers

For Body Corporate / Developers:

Our affordable and progressive EV chargers enhance the building’s image, offering easy management through a smartphone app. These chargers serve as attractive amenities, differentiating your building and future-proofing your development with smart monitoring and active load management.

ev charging for corporate and developers

What are Non-Networked Charging Systems?

Non-networked or standalone charging stations provide electrical power without being part of a broader network. These systems are commonly found in public areas like car parks and parks, offering convenient charging options.

Ongoing Maintenance Plans

Charging Ahead

Electric vehicles are integral to Australia’s sustainable transportation future, and at EVC, we’re leading the charge towards a dynamic tomorrow. Join us in driving innovation and sustainability forward. Contact us today to learn more about our EV charging solutions and how we can help you be part of the electric revolution!


Did you know the government is providing grants of up to 75% for you to install EV chargers in your facility. 

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