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Established in 2022, EVC, Electric Vehicle Chargers is an Australian-owned company, dynamically bringing electric vehicle charging capabilities to the public. As NSW’s premier supplier, installer, and maintenance provider for AC personal EV chargers, wall box stations and commercial DC charging stations, EVC want to bring electric vehicle charging capabilities out of the shadows and into the light.

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Personalised AC Wallbox charging stations for STRATA AND APARTMENTS

Here at EVC, we provide the latest advancements in electric vehicle charging, providing customers with potential mobility no matter where they drive. We offer personalised services for at-home installations and maintenance of EV chargers in strata and apartment building developments. That way, you have the EV supply equipment to power your electric vehicle right from the comfort of your own home. Our AC wall box installations are available in the latest variety of brands including GARO and ZAPPI as well as many others. Our EV chargers come with type 2 connection, allowing you to charge older vehicle, and all new electric vehicles.

Most of our wallbox EV chargers installations have smart technology. This allows you to monitor your vehicle as it charges from the comfort of home using your smart device. Connected through Wi-Fi connections, the smart technology allows you to control when your vehicle starts and stops charging. 

This is especially helpful when your home has access to solar power. You choose when you are making the most out of your solar energy system to charge your car. You can also monitor your vehicle’s charging progress as it charges in your garage.

Understanding Ev chargers capacities for a strata or apartment system

It is important to set your expectations about the time you need to charge a vehicle fully.

Charging time relates directly to the power available through the outlet. The more output, the quicker the charging. Most “chargers” use household AC power to feed the actual inbuilt charger which is in the EV. On the other hand, DC chargers go direct to the EV battery, bypassing the inbuilt charger.

With AC chargers there are differences in performance for different brands and models. With the Ocular Universal charging station range, you can charge up to 4-12 times faster than with  conventional domestic portable EV chargers depending on what equipment you choose.

For example, an Ocular Universal 22kW 3 phase charging outlet will charge much quicker than the 7kW single phase charger outlet from the same range. The 240v 7.4kW charger outlet gives you an increase in vehicle range of between 18 km to 40 km for every hour of charging. To compare, the 3 phase 22kW will give you 45 km to 120 km of range for every hour of charging.

However, best of all, a DC fast charger can give you an increase of range of 70 km in ten minutes. That is the equivalent of 420 km if you were to charge for a full hour.

However with AC EV chargers, especially the 10 amp variety, you can just plug into an ordinary wall socket. A DC charger requires a significant investment in electrical infrastructure.

Business to business DC electric vehicle charging stations

At EVC, we are striving to create a commercial network of publicly accessible EV charging stations for customers Australia wide. We have DC chargers at the football stadium, at the bowling club, at the swimming pool, at the shopping centre, aged care facilities, hospitals and motels. No matter where you are, we want to be able to provide electric vehicle charging capabilities. That’s why we are partnering with well known companies to supply, install, and maintain the latest technologically advanced DC charging stations at various locations throughout Australia.

If your company is looking to invest in the electric vehicle charging market at a business-to-business level, look no further than EVC. We can provide you with a competitive quote for multiple station installs at your location. We provide the hardware, software, install, maintenance, and repair services for ongoing stations, allowing you to offer your customers with the alternative to fuel powered vehicles. With more and more car manufacturers investing in electric vehicles, the time is now to bring your business into the future and allow mobility for all your patrons.



Our team have an extensive knowledge about the electric vehicle market and are passionate about charging ahead into a greener and more sustainable future for our planet. We are equipped with the experience and skills to recommend and install the right charging station solution for your specific circumstances, and we can tailor our offering to suit your individual or business needs.


EVC as a company, are passionate about delivering sustainable solutions for a better future for everyone. We are committed to delivering quality products that have been sustainably sourced in an effort to drive the future of sustainable transport in Australia. We are a company built on sustainable principles and want to ensure that our message is conveyed to others.

Australian owned

Now more than ever, people want to know that the services that they receive are Australians supporting other Australians. Our team is 100% Australian based with our head office located on the Central Coast, NSW, between Sydney and Newcastle. When you call us, you get a down to earth technician, who knows what you need for your specific requirements. We don’t believe in offloading our services to save money. Our technicians, salespeople and even our CEO are all Australian based, giving you quality services every time.

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