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EV charging stations maintenance repairs

Keeping your EV charging stations productive and operational

At EVC, we offer advanced EV charging station maintenance repair services for all your personal and commercial charging station brands including Garo, Zappi, ChargePoint, and Tesla, plus many more.

EV charging station maintenance repairS services

It is important to note that EV charging station maintenance repairs services are subject to manufacturer’s warranty. The responsibility of maintenance costs will need to be determined as either the site host, charging network (manufacturer) or the installer (EVC) prior to services being completed.

Pricing structure for EV charging station maintenance repair services

Personal EV charging stations

At this time, due to demand, we are only installing EV chargers on commercial premises and for multi-family properties, e.g. strata title apartment buildings.

If your home is in one of these styles of developments, then please read on. Otherwise, unfortunately we won’t be able to help you right now if your home is a single family residence.

When EVC installs your personal electric vehicle charging station in your home in a strata or apartment development, your technician will also discuss the required maintenance and repairs services with you.

We provide individual maintenance packages as well as one-off services for in home personal EV charging stations, depending on the brand of charger installed. Each brand of charging station requires different maintenance and therefore, you will require different maintenance services. Your technician will discuss your individual requirements on installation. Pricing for personal in-home charging systems can vary depending on the requirements of each service and the set up in your strata complex.

Whenever it requires attention, our team will always provide you with a comprehensive quote for one-off services or refer you back to your agreed maintenance package.

Commercial EV charging stations

Commercial electric vehicle charging stations require more general maintenance than in home systems. This is due to their increased frequency of use and faster charging output type. The costs associated with maintenance and repairs of your commercial system will also depend on whether the system is on a network or not. For commercial customers, EVC offers ongoing maintenance plans rather than one-off quotes due to the scale of commercial grade systems and the importance of maintaining the return on investment of your EV supply equipment. Talk to your EVC technician about your commercial charging station’s required repairs and maintenance.

Remember to ask them about our AMI (All Maintenance Included) package, where for a small percentage of your charging revenue, your EV charger ownership is worry free.

Networked charging systems

Networked charging systems typically have higher costs associated with them. The charging systems connect to an online network with the ability to monitor the charging network remotely using digital software. This gives commercial customers the ability to control the system; who can access it, for how long and when. Commercial customers may limit the usage to their customers or employees and often charge per kWh output to cover the costs associated with installation and maintenance of the hardware and software.

Due to their connectivity requirements, networked systems need a custom maintenance plan, which is specifically caters to:

  • the individual set up,
  • number of charging stations,
  • their frequency of use ,and the digital connectivity software that they utilise.

Talk to the team at EVC about your networked charging system today. We can set up a specialised EV charger maintenance repairs plan that caters to your commercial EV charging installation.

Non-networked charging systems

Non-networked charging systems or standalone charging stations are not part of a broader network, but still can provide commercial customers with a source of electrical power.

Non-networked commercial systems are common in public areas, such as carparks and public parks. As the units are larger than personal charging systems, and have more interactive components, they require more ongoing maintenance than the average in home system, but not as much as a fully networked system. Their exposure to weather and external factors also puts them at higher risk of damage and thus, more maintenance may be necessary. The team at EVC helps you with all your commercial non-networked charging systems with ongoing maintenance plans designed to help you get the best out of your charging station.

Get your maintenance and repairs completed by EVC technicians today!

Whether you are looking at a simple in-home system in a strata or apartment development, or installing a network of commercial grade fast DC charging stations, EVC has the knowledge and reliable technicians to help. Get in touch with our team today for your free installation and maintenance consultation and charge ahead with EVC!

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