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EVC – Electric Vehicle Chargers is NSW’s premier supplier, installer and maintenance provider of EV charger points. The electric car is now a means of transport in the 21st Century. We specialise in the installation of AC Wallbox outlets for industrial and commercial electric vehicle charging. We also have DC Charging Stations for faster charging available.

EVC prides itself on delivering sustainable solutions to the electric vehicle energy market. We provide customers with access to the latest charging solutions for their electric vehicle.

At this time, due to demand, we are only installing EV chargers on commercial premises and for multi-family properties, e.g. strata title apartment buildings.

If your home is in one of these styles of developments, then please read on. Otherwise, unfortunately we won’t be able to help you right now if your home is a single family residence.

NEWS FLASH: NSW Government grants are now available for EV chargers at tourist destinations.

Electric vehicles are part of the sustainable future of transportation within Australia and here at EVC, we are charging into a dynamic future.


Powering sustainable electric transportation throughout NSW

It’s no secret that electric vehicles are becoming the norm on Australian roads. Many car manufacturers are mass producing plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and battery only electric vehicles (BEVs). With constant improvements and developments in electric vehicle battery capacities, EVC is now actively providing the infrastructure for you.

EVC has a full range of AC and DC charging station solutions. Their design is to suit your specific application, whether it be for personal home charging in strata and apartment buildings or commercial integrations. Our charging solutions’ design gives you the maximum charge capacity within the minimum amount of time. With smart monitoring available and dynamic load management available for multiple charger outlets in one building, you always know how fast a vehicle is charging and how much charge it is taking on. That provides you with peace of mind.

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For when your EV charging station needs that little boost

Is your electric vehicle charger not working to full capacity? Are you worried about the output into EVs? Has your commercial charging station suffered damage and needs repairing? EVC should be your first and only call.

We install many different chargers including GARO, ZAPPI and many other popular brands. We also provide maintenance and repairs on existing established electric vehicle charger applications. Our expert technicians understand the mechanics of the charging stations and can provide technical diagnostics and support so that we can get your EV charged sooner.

We install an EV charging station for businesses and strata schemes on any charging network that you care to nominate.

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Understanding Electric Vehicles

Owning and charging an electric vehicle is easier than you think!

Electric vehicles constitute the future of transport in a sustainable and economic way. The more efficient engine works on battery power rather than burning fossil fuel to power the vehicle. This means less emissions and is thus more environmentally friendly. Pure BEVs within the Australian market come at a significant initial investment. However, economics mean that you save money in the long run. This is due to:

  • lower servicing costs,
  • less need for replacement parts
  • and less investment needed to power the vehicle.

After all, electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel.

EVC gives our customers mobility with reduced instances of the dreaded ‘range anxiety’ for fear of running out of power. With options to charge your vehicle at home or work car park or both, you can maximise the range of your vehicle.

We can set up a commercial EV charging  station for a business, high quality low cost vehicle charging stations for a strata committee or provide EV charging solutions for Government and infrastructure including all electrical service.

We are proud members of AEVA, the Australian Electric Vehicle Association.

AEVA Australian Electric Vehicle Association


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