Is your business a destination business for tourism? Have you considered getting Electric Vehicle Chargers for your premises?

Did you know that if you buy one EV charger, the NSW Government will give you up to 3 more for free?

That’s right, the NSW Government may pay up to 75% of the installed cost of EV charging stations for regional destination businesses like yours. A destination can be something as humble as a cafe or a pub.

NSW Government destination EV charger grants » NSW destination EV charger grants
The NSW State Government offers several subsidies and incentives for EVs and EV chargers.

The return on investment (ROI) on an EV charging station can be good. These government incentives in the form of EV destination charging grants make it even better.

 What are the NSW destination EV charger grants?

The Government is investing $20 million to assist eligible regional NSW destinations by co-funding the purchase and installation of EV chargers. For these NSW destination EV grants, up to four 7kW and 22kW chargers will get a subsidy at any one business premises. This charging infrastructure is not in the form of DC fast charging stations but the slower AC type so that patrons will stay longer at your venue.

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Why should you take advantage of the electric vehicle destination charger grants?

Other than getting infrastructure paid for by the Government, here are the core reasons you should get electric vehicle chargers on your premises.

Is your destination business eligible for funding?

Contact us today and our experts can help you you through the NSW destination EV charger grants application process. You need to be sure that your local government area is currently on the approved list. Several of the eligible LGAs (local government areas) that are on the approved list are close to our offices. For example, Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Muswellbrook and the Upper Hunter.

However, we can work with anyone who has a location in one of the eligible LGAs throughout NSW. Contact us today to find out if you are eligible.

Note, that if you have multiple premises you can apply for NSW destination EV charger grants for all of them. You may then get approval as multiple individual project sites.

However, it won’t last long – be quick! You must apply NOW, as there are deadlines, and there is a limit to how much funding the Government has available. EVs are the way of the future, and you’ll find that installing EV supply equipment attracts affluent customers.

A drawback is that the government can be slow to approve, so make sure that you apply early. To make sure that you are eligible for this free government money, you should apply NOW, there are deadlines, and you don’t want to miss out. Here are our contact details, call us now on (02) 8078 0340 or email

Our experts can help you through the application process as well. Remember to ask them about our AMI (All Maintenance Included) package, where for a small percentage of your charging revenue, your EV charger ownership is worry free. The cost of installation includes all charger software.

When can you apply for the NSW destination EV charger grants?

The Government opened applications for 4 months from Monday 23 May 2022 to Friday 23 September 2022, with a total funding allocation of $7 million. However, Government policy is subject to change, so it is better to apply early.

How EVUp can help you offer a great electric vehicle charging for your customers

Other NSW Government EV incentive programs

The New South Wales state government has several programs to promote electric vehicle use. Some include financial and other incentives for electric vehicle charger installation. There are 3 other basic NSW Government EV subsidy programs:

  1. Hosting electric vehicle fast charging sites – for owners or managers of locations
  2. Electric vehicle fast charging grants – for CPOs (charging point operators)
  3. Electric vehicle fleets

You can discover how these other programs help you with EVs and chargers in this article.