How far can an electric vehicle charger get me?

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At the top of most drivers’ minds is EV charger range: how far can a charge from an electric vehicle charger enable my electric car to travel. We give you 7 factors to take into account how far an EV charger will take you in a single charge. How far can EVs go on a […]

Importing Japanese used EVs

Importing Japanese Used Cars

Why are some people importing Japanese used EVs to Australia? The EVC Electric Vehicle Chargers team attended the recent NRMA EV Drive Day at St Ives, a suburb in Sydney’s Upper North Shore in July 2022. No emissions standards: a supply-side challenge for Australian EV buyers We spoke to the NSW Government Energy Department about […]

Strata electric vehicle chargers

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The rise in both electric vehicle (EV) use and strata living in NSW means strata managers / owners corporations face demand for electric vehicle chargers on property. In this article we examine the impact of strata electric vehicle chargers. As the race to meet net zero emission targets takes place, people are doing their bit […]

Federal Government EV charger initiatives and subsidies

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Albanese Labor Federal Government’s election will change the EV charger landscape The election on May 21, 2022 saw an Australian Labor Party victory. Notwithstanding any other policy differences that you may or may not agree with, it is indisputable that for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, this ALP win is a good result. Let’s examine the […]

NSW Government EV charger initiatives and subsidies

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The New South Wales state government has several programs to promote electric vehicle use. Some include financial and other incentives for electric vehicle charger installation. There are 4 basic NSW Government EV charger subsidy programs. Hosting electric vehicle fast charging sites – for owners or managers of locations Electric vehicle fast charging grants – for […]

Return on Investment (ROI) on electric vehicle chargers

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There are a couple of ways that having an electric vehicle charger installed on your business premises can improve your bottom line. The selling point is what we call Return on Investment, or ROI. One of the reasons that businesses are rushing to install electric vehicle chargers is the new stream of revenue that comes […]